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Passes for the Alumni Reunion are available for INR 1000. Registration with INR 250 for Life Membership of Alumni Association is a prerequisite for this.

The money can be paid at the school reception. Alternatively, do call us if you want the money to be collected from your place.

In order to be a part of the MPS Alumni Database, please share your details here:

This shall be shared with the Life Members of LAMPS when completed.

See snapshot of the database here:

9 Point Proposed Agenda of LAMPS

We plan to achieve some of these over the next year and others over a long period of time.

  1. Registering the Alumni Association as a registered society under Societies´ Act complete with a constitution.
  2. Electing Executive Council and Batch representatives.
  3. Coming up with a comprehensive annual “LAMPS Directory” that shall enable professional networking among the alumni.
  4. Bringing out a newsletter elucidating the achievements and year round information about this association and the school.
  5. Establishing Social Clubs for contributing productively towards the social causes such as Blood Donation, AIDS.
  6. Organizing Alumni Reunions every year and for various batches separately wherever feasible.
  7. Developing a website for online interaction between the students and the alumni.
  8. Organizing outdoor trips, sports matches and cultural events for and between the alumni and the students.
  9. Inviting alumni to interact with students for career guidance, grooming, mentorship, industry sessions, knowledge etc.

Past Activities of LAMPS

LAMPS in its previous avatar has been very active in conducting a number of activities for the school, students and the alumni and yet believes that the immense potential of alumni can be tapped in many more ways.

It has conducted the following activities:-

  • Annual Alumni Reunions - These have been immensely fruitful and have resulted in a strong bond between alumni and the school.
  • Blood Donation Camps- Whenever these have been conducted, alumni have left no stone unturned to mobilize as many resources.
  • Student Interactions- Hundreds of students have benefitted from the knowledge sharing sessions by alumni, be it teaching business planning, holding interviews & group discussions, giving career guidance, or imparting technology sessions.
  • Alumni Database- The database is the foundation of the alumni body and keeps updating every year with a dedicated team of alumni and students working on it, calling alumni for updates, and also using LinkedIn & Facebook for the same.


THE IDEA of Alumni - An Old Student´s Association fills every student with excitement and enthusiasm. The concept of Alumni in Modern Public School was given a Spark by Nimesh Sharma (2004 Batch) and was very enthusiastically followed up by Rumit Maini (2002 Batch). Initially, giving a concrete shape to this idea appeared to be a little difficult, but with the selfless support from Madam Principal, Ms. Indira Bali, Ms. Jaspreet Kaur, Ms. Rachna Goel, Mr. Alok Jagwayan and Ms. Shweta Kapur (Both 1999 Batch), they got fully charged to convert their ideas into action. To begin with, the formation of the Alumni Association was given publicity through word of mouth, SMS and phone calls. The response was overwhelming.

As we now move in direction of establishing the Alumni Association as a registered society, the initiative has been renamed as LAMPS (Linking Alumni of Modern Public School).

Contact Us

Alok Jagwayan (1999 Batch) : +91 9312247028

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Nimesh Sharma (2004 Batch) : +91 9899144024

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Gaurav Sukhija (2010 Batch)


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