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   Title : Orientation Session on Karo Sambhav School Programme

Modern Public school retains its belief in the conservation of environment also also emphasises on the eradication of waste from the planet. In pursuance to the same, the school associated itself with the Karo Sambhav's school programme. The team worked hard to reach other school to partner and as a consequence new partner schools were orientated towards the programme on February 12, 2019. The visitor schools were apprised with the aims and objectives of Karo Sambhav and associated schools. The guests school not only praised the initiative but also enrolled in the programme as a token of their vow to free the planet from the waste.

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   Title : Road Safety Week

Alert Today Alive Tomorrow 
As a part of National Road Safety Awareness Week, a special assembly was conducted in school to enlighten the students about traffic etiquette's to be adopted on road. Ms. Sindhu Vikram, teacher apprised the students on the different types of traffic signs and emphasized on following them to ensure their safe journey. The latest updated traffic rules and regulations were discussed and a video clipping depicting ways and means of responsible commutation on road was shown to enrich their experience further. The session also entailed the details about the rules to be followed by pedestrians, cyclist as well as motor drivers to promote order and discipline on road. The students promised to develop and showcase a responsible behaviour for one another and to think and act right on road.

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   Title : A workshop on Oral Hygiene

Take of your teeth and they will take care of you

A workshop on Oral Hygiene was conducted on 6.02.2019(Wednesday) for the students of classes I to V wherein they were given tips to maintain good oral and hygiene. The session was followed by a dental checkup too.

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   Title : A workshop on flip learn

A workshop on flip learn was organized for the students of class VII-IX on February 2019. The resource person Mr. Amit Mukherjee from Vidya Mandir classes highlighted the need for live interaction session with the pursuit to prepare for engineering, medical, NTSC or Olympiad. He focused on scientifically designed test material, testing and analysis of this flip learn that would provide a comfort level to the students as well. It was an enriching session for one and all.

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   Title : Workshop on the theme Gender Equality

A workshop on the theme Gender Equality was organised for the students of class IX on February 1, 2019. The spokesperson Anu Singh, a Times of India representative apprised the spectators with the common stereotypes prevalent since ancient period. The students were motivated to establish the notion of Gender Equality in their minds as well as in the society. The session was enlightening for the attendees as it targeted the reformation their minds through quality interaction.

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   Title : Workshop creating awareness about child sexual Abuse

A workshop creating awareness about child sexual Abuse was conducted for the students on 31 January 2019(Thursday). The resource person Ms. Ankita Sharma, Consultant Psychologist, Moolchand Medcity,Academic Coordinator & Life Skill Coach,Expressions India enlightened the Modernites about the POCSO Act(Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) 2012 and the Special Juvenile Police Unit(SJPU),followed by a video ?KOMAL? on the same. The session was informative and gave clarity to the audience on a number of points.

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   Title : Workshop on Deworming

Ms. Sindhu Vikram, PGT Biology attended the training programme for the upcoming National Deworming Day to be observed on 8th February 2019. Dr. Sanjay Arora, District Incharge conducted the session for all nodal teachers of zone 9 at SKV School, Jahangirpuri on 1st February 2019. The session emphasized the need for generating awareness amongst the students towards observing deworming. All students from classes I to XII have to be compulsorily administered the dose of deworming tablet on the said date. The enriching session highlighted the procedure to be adopted for conducting this mass program and equipped with ways and means to deal with emergencies if at all arises.

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   Title : The workshop on School with clean Air, own Water and less Expanses

The workshop on School with clean Air, own Water and less Expanses was attended by Mrs Namrata Jit Kaur on 21-12-18 at IIT Delhi. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Ankit Srivastava who is currently working as Technical Advisor in Delhi Govt. The main agenda of workshop was to discuss the ideal solution for an environmental friendly, self-sustainable solution for reuse of treated water as Delhi Govt has announced high subsidies for schools reusing water. Therefore to save a huge amount of water costs practically applying the technologies  such as Natural Sewage treatment were discussed. The other main highlight of the workshop was on increase of air pollution and for that the solutions such as Air pollution treatment and sensor based monitoring technologies for schools were shared. In nutshell the workshop was quite informative and enriched knowledge was shared.


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   Title : Workshop on Measles Rubella Vaccination campaign

Ms. Sindhu Vikram attended the National campaign on Measles ? Rubella Vaccination held at Delhi Technical University (DTU) Shahbad , Daulatpur on 18 December 2018.The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the nodal officers about the upcoming campaign on Measles - Rubella (MR) vaccination to be undertaken in second week of January 2019. The panel comprising renowned doctors of Delhi and personnels from World Health Organization appraised the teachers about the danger of the above two viral infections, its mode of spread and potential effects on the body. They emphasized the need to get all children in the age group of 9 months to 15 years compulsorily vaccinated during this campaign. It was an enriching learning session.

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   Title : Capacity building Workshop on Class room management

Learning is a treasure that will follow it?s owner everywhere.

A two day workshop on Capacity building was organized by CBSE at Sahodaya Sr. Sec. School Safdarjung Development Area on Dec 14 and 15,2018.

Mr Drek Richard Brendish and Ms. Mudita Yadav, the resource person Enlighted a group 24 teachers. The purpose of training was to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirt.

The workshop began with an interesting activity in which each group was asked to present their idea about ideal class room. The workshop mainly emphasized on three components of effective class room Management (Content Management, Conduct Management, Covenant Management).

It was a great experience as it helped the teachers to adopt various techniques to make teaching learning process more effective.


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