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   Title : Workshop on Gender Sensitisation

Behtar and NGO in collaboration with Delhi Police organised a workshop on Gender Sensitisation, challenges and solutions at Netaji Subash Palace, Pitampura. Ms. Mena Mittle and Ms. Rutika Gangwar along with students of classes IX to XI attended the same. The resource persons Ms. Monika Arora Advocate Supreme Court standing Counsel Delhi High Court and Mr. Bharat Chugh Former Judge appraised the audience about the need to introduce gender sensitisation in adolescents. An interactive session enabled the participants to discuss many gender discriminating issues being faced in the society and eventually evolve ways and means for resolving such conflicts. The workshop also laid a platform to get hands on with self defense technique from Limca book record holder Mr. Shiv Kumar Kohli. The session was enriching.

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   Title : Workshop on development of skills in children

A workshop on the theme No Limit Child was organised by Parwarish Institute of Parenting at India International Centre, Lodhi Road on September 29, 2017. Ms. Sapna Charha and Ms. Meena Seth got the privilege to attend the mind boggling session. The spokesperson  Mr. Sushant Kalra, Director Parwarish Institute of Parenting, a parenting coach as well as a TEDx speaker apprised the attendees with measures to develop multiple psychological and cognitive skills in children. The speaker also emphasized on the achievement of development targets through adaptation of play-way method by parents and educators. He also highlighted the strategies to inculcate responsibility in children, dealing with adolescents, unveiling their creativity and many such significant aspects. It was an enlightening session as the audience learnt unconventional methods to achieve limitless development of skills in children.

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   Title : Science Film Festival

Five students of our school along with the German teacher, Ms. Ritu Kapoor attended the inauguration of Science Film Festival at Amity University in collaboration with Goethe Institute on October 9, 2018.

It was a celebration of science communication and present scientific issues accessibly and entertainingly for primary, secondary and university students. Its theme was FOOD REVOLUTION. The event commenced with a welcome ceremony and felicitation of chief guest and representatives from Goethe Institute. Thereafter a film LIVING THE CHANGE was shown to the students. The students were made aware of climate change, resource limits, economic downturn and social disconnection. It was a highly enriching event.

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   Title : Workshop on Choosing Career Option

It is rightly said

If we can dream it, you can do it?.

In pursuance to this, a workshop was conducted for the students of class XII and their parents on the topic Choosing Career Option. The resource person Mr. Ashish Jain, a charted financial analyst apprised the parents and students about variety of career options available after class XII.

It was an interactive and informative session as all the inquisitions in the minds of parents were answered.

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   Title : ATL Teacher Training Session

ATL Teacher training session was organised in Modern Public School on 5th October 2018 where in the teachers were given hands on experience on RGB LED on Breadboard.

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   Title : Four day residential boot camp by Atal Innovation Mission Niti Aayog, Govt. of India

A glorious moment rolled in when Prabhsimar singh Tapia of class XII-D and his teacher mentor Ms. Naina Nagpal were invited by Atal Innovation Mission Niti Aayog, Govt. of India to be a part of four day residential boot camp. A delegation of 10 Russian student innovators clubbed with ten student innovators from ATL schools across India intrigue together to create an innovative prototype after identifying a problem statement prevalent across the globe.

Our school is one amongst these elite schools honoured to be a part of this wondrous experiences.

The programme inaugurated with the welcome address by the program director, AIM, Mr. Ramanan Ramanathan and Dr. Ayesha Chaudhary at the Indian Habitat Centre wherein they briefed students about the need to tinker and harness skills for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program focuses on unleashing the innovator inside every student and actualizing their creativity.

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   Title : Lets talk about it.

In order to break the stigma around a woman?s menstrual cycle, a workshop was conducted on Mother and Daughter Hygiene  for the girls of classes V-VII by Procter and Gamble Company on Oct 1st 2018 in the school premises. The representatives laid emphasis on the need to understand the various changes that occur in a female?s body when entering into menstrual cycle. It was an interactive session that helped to highlight the need to maintain hygiene during menstruation.

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   Title : Workshop on Preserving our Biosphere.

With the vision of stimulating scientific temper among the Children Department of Science And Technology, Govt. Of India has launched a project Preserving our Biosphere. Understanding Science then and now. Under this program, 100 schools from all districts of Delhi are being covered. Our school is also an active member of this National Mission. As the first step towards promoting scientific temperament amongst children a workshop was held in the school for ecoclub teachers and students of classes IX & X. The resource person Dr. Monika Koul Asst. Professor, Department of Botany, Hans Raj College, Delhi University took an interactive session with the students where she emphasized the need to understand the deterioration in the floral and faunal diversity of Delhi, increasing instances of old climatic patterns, respiratory disorders which is the result of uncontrolled human activities. Therefore the need of the hour is to sensitize the students about judicious exploitation of resources for sustainable development. It was an enriching session.

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   Title : Workshop on Indian Navy

Patriotism is not about sacrificing our life for the nation, 

It?s also about having a feeling of belongingness,

 loyalty and pride in the nation.

To inculcate endearment for our motherland, our school accorded a warm welcome to commandants of Indian Navy Cdr. Rameshwar Puri , LT Cdr. A K Yadav and Lt. Sneha on 26 September, 2018 .The workshop aimed at day-to-day functioning of the Indian Navy & its role in protecting the maritime coasts. The Naval officers shared their tales of valour and motivated the students of classes X, XI and XII to join Indian Navy. The heroic deeds undertaken by the Indian navy filled the audience with supreme amour-propre. The raison d?etre of navy is to ensure that no hostile maritime power can degrade the national security and interests.

It was an awe inspiring session that indeed motivated students to join defence forces and be valorous. 

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   Title : Workshop on Creating the future for classes XI - XII

"Excellence is the gradual result of always thriving for the better." With this motto in mind , Modern public school in association with Pearl Academy organised a workshop for classes XI - XII on Creating the future. The resourse person  Ms. Jeneva Talwar, motivational speaker was accorded  a warm welcome. She laid emphasis on the need to understand ones interest and choose a profession accordingly. The prime focus was on the will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach ones full potential. 

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