Title : To Instill love for Sanskrit: Mother of all the Languages

Ms. Babita Gupta attended a three day workshop from January 2, 2018 to January 4, 2018 at Delhi Sanskrit Academy. The resource person Mr. Jeet Ram Bhatt highlighted on the importance of Sanskrit. He not only elucidated interesting ways to teach such a vibrant language but also emphasised the role of Sanskrit teachers to uplift the standard of heritage of our country. The sessions were enriching and informative where in the facilitators left with positivity to take Sanskrit at the top of the world.

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   Title : Exclusive Workshop for IT Teachers

A workshop titled Exuberance 2017 was organized by Naples India for the IT Teachers of various schools across Delhi. Ms. Asha Nandal and Ms. Jasmeen Kaur, the facilitators from the computer department of the school attended the worthy session wherein the resource persons Mr. Bibuti Sinha, representative from Juana Technologies and Ms. Swati Ganguly, a Google certified educationist apprised the attendees with upcoming and innovative softwares like Note 365, Kodu etc. It was indeed a enlightening session as the spectators learnt about innovations in their fields which would help them to enhance the teaching and learning of computers.

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   Title : Workshop On E- WASTE

Modernites believe that Waste prevention is perhaps more preferred to any other waste management option including recycling.

Promoting the same belief, the school hosted a workshop on E- Waste Management on 21st December, 2017 in association with Karo Sambhav & Juana Technologies.

The session aimed at spreading awareness about the processes of dismantling and disposing of electronic waste in developing countries which led to a number of environmental impacts.

Teachers and Students from various schools in Delhi participated in this workshop as a part of the Project and presented their efforts made in how to conserve our environment through Powerpoint presentations and Models. It was a great learning platform for all to understand that recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem.

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   Title : Workshop organized by Macmillan Education

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow

Keeping this in mind, Ms Anupama Ahuja and Ms Pooja Sawhney attended a workshop organized by Macmillan Education conducted on December 16,2017(Saturday) at Queen Mary School Sector 25, Rohini. The resource person was Ms. Jaishree Sethi, a story teller and creative director. This one day workshop brought together teachers from different schools. The main objective of this workshop was to strengthen the teaching skills and morale of teachers to improve the child-centered quality education. It highlighted the importance of story dramatization and how it can be effectively applied for the easy understanding of concepts. It was very informative session which gave the teachers a insight into the art of story telling.

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   Title : Movie Screening at the UN Complex

Seven students of Class IX went to the UN Complex, Lodhi Road for the United Nation Movie Screening on 16 December 2017. The movie Lucky Special was shown to sensitize students on the issue of migrants. Later a panel discussion also took place where Mr. Rajiv Chandran and Ms. Aanchal Malhotra discussed at length the problems of migrants. All the students actively participated in the discussion.

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Ms. Divya Gupta attended a workshop on Developing Mathematical Thinking Through Problem Solving And Technologyorganized by Veda Vyas DAV Public School, Vikaspurion 14th December 2017.

Dr.JonakiB.Ghosh and Dr.Haneet Gandhi were the resource persons. The entire workshop was divided into three sessions. Session one focussed ongeneralisation and functional approach to Algebra with the recursive and explicit thinking. Session two highlighted the use of geometrical concepts in Calculus using GEOGEBRA. The concluding session focussed on exploring proofs of Mathematicaltheorems without words.

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   Title : Staying connected with alumnus

Rumit Maini alumnus of the school in the year 2002, and then completed his B.Sc.(Chem) from Hansraj College, M.Sc.(Chem) from IIT-D and Ph.D. in chemistry from Arizona State University. Currently, he?s working at the University of Tokyo as a postdoctoral scientist researching on platform technology to fast-track peptide drug discovery program. Being an alumnus of our school, he was invited by the school management to share the secret of his success with students. He spoke about the importance of active participation of students in sports and other extra co-curricular activities in addition to academics. He narrated his real life examples. He emphasized that a good health is the most important for yielding excellent results and thus he encouraged all the students to stay fit by doing regular exercise. He also guided them about various courses available in National and International universities and how to apply for them. It was a highly interactive session.

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   Title : Robotics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

An Induction session on Robotics was organised for the students of Classes IV ? IX on December 13, 2017. The resource person Mr. Akshay Ahuja from RoboChamp apprised the young learners on the nuances of making Robots. He motivated the enthusiasts to achieve name and fame through such a world - wide event. Furthermore, he emphasised on the fact that such an innovation in association with Guinness Book of World Record could be path breaking milestone. The response of the audience was not only filled with excitement but they also enriched and contented.

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   Title : An Informative Workshop on Language Education

A Hindi Language workshop on the theme Innovative Developments in Language Education was organized for the Hindi Language teachers at Titiksha Public School by  Madhuban Educational Books on December 8, 2017. Ms. Kanchan Sood, one of the Hindi Language facilitators of the school participated in the session. The spokesperson Dr. P.K Jain, a PhD in Hindi and Sanskrit and an ex-faculty, Doon School,Dehradun apprised the spectators with the latest developments and research in language education. It was an enlightening session as it would help the attendees to enhance teaching strategies and techniques.

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   Title : A workshop on Hands on DNA

The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

A workshop on Hands on DNA was conducted on December 11, 2017 by Escherichia Genomics P.Ltd. The workshop was conducted by Mr. V.K Singh on an interesting absorbing session in which he discussed the concepts of Molecular Biology techniques and DNA molecular analysis.

Wet Lab exposure was given to 35 Biology students of Class XI-XII. The students have developed methods to identify isolate DNA individually (from plant source, saliva, RBC), DNA fingerprinting.

The workshop enhanced the knowledge of students. The main objective was to generate awareness and to provide hands on training related to biotechnology and bioinformatic tools. Indeed it was an enriched experience to have skill in molecular biology at school level.

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