MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018


   Title : Multilila: The need of the hour

Ms Manjeet Kaur Bhatia and Ms Neetu Luthra attended a workshop organised by British Council on July 12,2018. The plenary session focussed on The Languages of Education in India Exploring Effects on Reading and Mathematics. The resource persons highlighted to  explore the development of multilingual children's and cognitive abilities in a range of contexts. Furthermore, they percolated the role of home languages and English in multilingual education in India. They also brought into limelight the challenges and controversies in bilingualism and cognition spread across the nation. The entire day gave a glimpse of learning academic skills through interpretation, reasoning and developing bilingual literacy. The audience took a bag not only full of knowledge but also experiential learning.

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   Title : Chemistry in everyday Life

Ms Inderjeet Kaur Kalra attended a two day long workshop organised by Royal Society of Chemistry under the aegis of ACT at Hindu College from 18 to 19 July,2018. The resource person highlighted a variety of active learning techniques and discussed strategies in which they could be implemented into everyday teaching. The audience left the premises rejuvenated and energised with a promise to benefit the students through such innovative methodologies.

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   Title : Workshop

Observe, do not just see things around you

In order to improve the interpersonal skills of the students and to motivate them to overcome their stage fear. The school organized a session on the importance of group discussions and how to present oneself in interviews.

The Spokesperson, Dr. Anoop began the session by highlighting the fact that your marks dont define you and that improving ones personality is more important. He urged the students to sharpen their observation skills and to look carefully around them. He then went on to throw light on how to present oneself in an interview, to discuss approved facts and to not to go with intuitive thoughts. He then conducted many informal games to make the session more interesting. He urged the students to use social media effectively and to participate actively in online group discussions. An informal group discussion was also conducted.

He concluded the session with a thoughtful quote. The audience left the session highly motivated and inspired to implement the suggestions that were given during the session.


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   Title : Workshop on Cyber Security

On July 7, 2018 Computer Department conducted a workshop for the teachers of the school on Cyber Security, under the guidance of Ms. Deepti Malhotra(HOD, Computer Science)  in which they guided the teachers on different areas of Cyber Security. The teachers were also informed about different and easy tips and tricks on How to be safe while working on Internet in daily life . Teachers took  lot of interest and had many queries, which were answered by Computer Department. To mark the end of session a quiz on cyber security was conducted in which teachers actively participated and were given a token of appreciation for every right answer.

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   Title : Yoga: Finding your True Self

Yoga is a way to produce a chemistry of blissfulness. One you are blissful by your nature, you can deal with outside situation effortlessly

An enlightening Yoga session was conducted for MPS fraternity in aegis with Isha Foundation on June 301,2018. The resource person gave  an insight into the  delves of Upa Yoga which incorporated postures for inner self, peace, joy, and love. This karmic process is a simple way to activate the energy nodules in the joints and exercise, bringing ease to the whole system. The yogic aura brought in positive vibes, rejuvenation and transitional change in all the participants.

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   Title : An Interactive session with Dr. Usha Ram

An interactive session on Emerging challenges in Education in the 21st century was organised for the teachers by the school on 29th June 2018. The resource person Dr. Usha Ram, a recipient of Doctorate in English Literature, emphasised that education is the only means of empowering people. She apprised the teachers with the new millennium challenges ushered in by a dramatic technology revolution. She reiterated the fact that the role of teachers is to be responsive to the socio cultural ethos and national development. The workshop focussed on the global classroom and the need to be literate in 21st century literacies including cyber literacies. Different activities were held focussing on the coordination of head, heart and hand for the holistic development. Dr. Usha explained how important it is to learn, unlearn and relearn through different kinds of learning viz a viz experiential learning and collaborative and Enquiry Learning. Presentations by the teachers on different themes stamped the fact that education cannot be restricted in water tight compartments, it?s an integrated approach that serves the true purpose of education.

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   Title : Workshop on Python Programming, Pandas and MongoDB

A Workshop for Teachers of Computer Science and Informatics Practices was organised by Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram on June 27, 2018(Wednesday)
keeping in view, the change in the syllabus of Computer Science and Informatics Practices.   The objective was an attempt to strengthen the teaching of Python Programming in Schools.
Ms. Deepti Malhotra (H.O.D Computer Department) along with her team attended the worthy session wherein the resource persons Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Mr. Mohitendra and Ms. Gurmeet Kaur enlightened the attendees with the technologies like Python Programming, Pandas, MongoDB etc. The session proved to be a massive success as the attendees went back with abundant information and learning.

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   Title : Workshop for IT Teachers

A workshop titled Tutelage 2018 was organized by Naples India for the IT Teachers of various schools across Delhi. Ms. Asha Nandal and Ms. Jasmeen Kaur, the facilitators from the computer department of the school attended the worthy session wherein the resource persons Ms. Anni Kumar and Ms. Sandhya Gupta apprised the attendees with upcoming and innovative softwares like One Note , Kodu, Stkyz, Inkspace, Scratch etc. It was indeed an enlightening session as the spectators learnt about innovations in their fields which would help them to enhance the teaching and learning of computers.

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   Title : Informative Session on Thalassemia

Modernites believe in the notion that health is the greatest wealth of human beings. Treading the same path the school organized an informative session on Thalassemia for the students of class XII on May 24,2018. The spokesperson Dr. Tejinder Singh, Orthoptist , District Chairperson Thalassemia Awareness Rotary Blood Bank Committee apprised the students with Thalassemia and its impact on human life. Several myths regarding the ailment were busted during the interactive session. The session proved to be extremely instructive as the eminent speaker not only enlightened the attendees on such an influential topic but also motivated them to spread awareness among their acquaintances.

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   Title : Workshop on Career Counseling

 Students of class XII had an interactive session with resource person Mr. ASHISH on 22 May 2018 on various career options which they could pursue after class XII. They were also informed about numerous entrance exams for courses like BBA, BMS, etc. The students were apprised with the study pattern for the Boards Exam. They were provided with an entrance guide which highlighted eligibility and other requirements for various courses like BBA along with their exam patterns. 

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