MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018

School Events

  Title : Nature Trail organized by Kids for Tigers

Students of MPS participated in a Nature Trail organized by Kids for Tigers at Aravalli Biodiversity Park, Vasant Vihar. The walk was an attempt to make students understand the importance of ecological restoration and wildlife conservation. It was an enthusiastic and a great learning experience for kids as it explained them about the inter-dependencies between organisms for sustainable development. 

  Title : Interclass Tux Paint Competition

Imagination is the beginning of the creation.
Young children have an ocean of hidden talent and creativity in them. Keeping this in mind an Interclass Tux Paint Competition was conducted for the students of Class II on 16 November 2018(Friday). Students made beautiful drawing using various tools and stamps. Their efforts were appreciated by all. It was indeed an enriching experience for little ones.

  Title : Diwali-lighting up the hearts.

The festival of lights was celebrated in school on 5 November 2018 with lot of ardency by the students of Kindergarten and class IV & V. Students of Kindergarten dressed up in colours of green, yellow and white.

Students of class IV and V made beautiful paper Diyas and wall hangings in vibrant hues with lot of enthusiasm and ardor.Their smiling and glittering faces were the testimony of the same.

  Title : Hindi Debate Competition

The young and sensible Modernites of class IV realised the need of gender equality in the society during a Hindi Debate Competition held for them on 30.10.2018(Tuesday). The theme of the debate  Kya Ladka Ladki Ek Samaan Hai? Made them understand and appreciate the equal efforts made by both males and females in the progress of the nation. The debaters impressively put their views forth and convinced the audience. Their oratory skills were praised by the judges.

  Title : Follow Traffic Rules, Save your Future

Students of Modern Public School, enthusiastically participated in all the Road Safety Awareness Activities organised by Delhi Traffic Police for the year 2018-19.

Primary class students showcased their artistic temperament by colouring beautiful pictures provided to them.

Road Safety Quiz, Essay Writing and Painting Competitions were organised for middle school and senior students. These competitions aimed at producing responsible global citizens who have the essential traits of sensible driving and road safety rules. These activities sensitized the students and made them more aware and alert.

  Title : English Debate Competition Class V

It is rightly said that excess of everything is bad, striking a balance in life is the need of the hour. The same goes for work and play which was expressed by the young Modernites of class V during an English Debate Competition on the theme All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy held for them on 25 October, 2018(Thursday). The eloquent debaters left no stone unturned to testify their views before the audience. The participants impressed the judges with their rhetoric skills. The programme concluded with wise lessons rendered by Madam Principal. The result of the competition is as follows:

Aarush Mathur of V D was awarded for the Best Content, Manasvi Chaubey of V C was awarded for Best Presentation and Himisha Kataria of V B was awarded as Most Confident Child.

  Title : India International Science Festival

The wind of change is blowing through the world of science outreach.

In pursuance to this, India International Science Festival was underway at Lucknow from 5 October 2018 to 8 October 2018. A team of six students and one science teacher were lauded with wonderful opportunity of participating at this prestigious programme. Event was inaugurated by The Honorable President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind. and was also graced by Dr. Harshvardhan, Honorable Union Minister of Science and Technology. Science festival witnessed plethora of events like motivational lectures by eminent scientists, hand on science activities, Night sky gazing using advanced telescopes.  This truly proved to be a sustainable platform to foster scientific acumen and temperament.

Students returned with awe inspiring experiences to cherish!

  Title : ClassIII Salad Decoration Competition

A Salad Decoration Competition was conducted for the students of class III on 12.10.2018 (Friday) to emphasize the importance of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in daily diet.
The effort of the participants were applauded by one and all.

  Title : Class III Visit to Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

If you have not helped anybody in distress, you have not prayed to God yet!
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak
Students of Class III Visited Sulabh International Museum of Toilets on 06.10.18(Saturday) founded by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak. They were amazed to see the third most weird museum in the world which displays the historical trends in development of toilets across the world. Students also learnt about the working of the Biogas plant set up over there. The day proved to be a great learning beyond the four walls of a regular classroom.

  Title : Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

MPS reverberates for a Cleaner Today Tomorrow  and Future
To mark the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi  Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign was celebrated with much gaiety in and around the school premises from September 15 to October 2,2018. A myriad of events were organised on October 2,2018 where the enthusiastic modernites spread across Shalimar Bagh to spread awareness among the residents. A team of class I to V hailed a Prabhat Pheri wherein they wrote thought provoking messages on postcards which were distributed in various houses of the area. Another brigade toiled hard around Prem Bari Pul with their paraphernalia to clean the dirty area. Furthermore, to instill magnanimity among the leaders of tomorrow, soaps were distributed in the slum area near Rohini. To ensure proper sanitation and hygiene , a Nukkad Natak was presented where the artists put on an impressive show to highlight the benefits of maintaining cleanliness at public places and also described the magnitude of the problems emerging out of unclean surroundings in the play. The school's Trash Band brought in euphoric performance that stole the heart away of the spectators. A cleanliness march proceeded with mind boggling slogans was enough to grab the attention of every passers-by. To top it all, the MPS squad crafted a Tree Plantation Drive wherein the planters were arranged in methodical sequence using empty coke cans. They appeared like pearls falling with greenery from the heaven. An oasis of cleanliness was painted with hues of vibrance through Wall Graffiti that underlined the revolutionary idea to keep our surroundings clean. The culmination of the fortnight was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students. The nation builders realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself. It also made them aware of the dignity of labour and charity. This was not the end of yet another exciting week but the beginning of stage set towards a cleaner, greener and better India.



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