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School Events

  Title : Baisakhi

Modern Public celebrated The Harvest Festival-Baisakhi on 12 April,2019. A special assembly was organized on the occasion wherein the school choir sang Baisakhi songs and set the mood for the festival celebration.
Dressed in typical fork attire, the students danced to the tunes of Bhangra. The beats of the dhol charged the atmosphere. Dr. Pragati Srivastava enlightened the students by her talk on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. She told the children that this incident ignited both sorrow as well as passion for Independence adding fuel to Indian freedom struggle.

  Title : Orientation programme for the parents of class II

Modern Public School organized an Orientation programme for the parents of class II on April 10, 2019 (Wednesday). The aim of the programme was to familiarize the parents with the curriculum, rules and regulation of the school. Madam Principal apprised the gathering with the school?s effortless and effective teaching ? learning process.
Through this programme the parents got an opportunity to understand the academic changes in the new session. Madam Principal also emphasized upon the sensitive role of parents along with teachers in the child?s growth and development. When families are involved in the education of their children in positive way, the children maximize on their untapped potentials, she further added.
The programme ended with a positive note with an aim of raising our learners into happy, independent and confident global citizens.

  Title : Orientation programme for the parents of class IX

At MPS, a childs growth and learning is of utmost importance and every effort is taken for the holistic development of the child. The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child.
Keeping this in mind, under the able guidance of Madam Principal Mrs. Alka Kapur, an Orientation Programme for the parents of class IX was organised on 29 March 2019 in the school premises. The aim was to familiarise the parents as partners in progress with the CBSE Curriculum Framework, rules and regulations of the school and the teaching methodologies.
The Resource person Ms. Ann George, working as AVP- learning and development at Univariety conducted a workshop to give the parents an idea as to how to acknowledge the inherent potential locked up in their children. A few points were highlighted such as good parenting, constant communication and significance of observational learning.
Madam Principal addressed the gathering and gave an overview of all the facilities, procedures and programmes of the school.
The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner.It helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.
Overall it was a fruitful meeting and the parents were in high spirits after attending the orientation programme.

  Title : Orientation programme

A parent is a teacher at home, a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of the universe.
An Orientation programme was organized for the parents of new Pre School students of the session 2019-2020 on 27.03.2019 (Wednesday). The programme commenced with a melodious welcome song which emphasized the pressing need to instill good mannerism among the young lot. A power packed Taek-won-do performance was the next spectacular part to witness. The composition criticizing the constant use of mobile phone became the star attraction of the show. To lure the tiny tots, a farm demonstrating the habitat of creatures like horse, cow, buffalo, hen, duck, parrot and many more was created.
Madam Principal addressed the parent gathering by stressing upon the value of effective communication between parents and their kids. In her eloquent speech, she apprised the listeners with the schools vision, mission, system and ethos. In her concluding statement, she reminded the parents that children are great imitators and parents must exhibit virtuous character in order to develop the same in their kids.

  Title : World Health Day celebration

Being healthy and fit is not a trend. Instead, its a lifestyle.
World Health Day is celebrated world wide on 7 April. To apprise the students with the significance of maintaining good health, a special assembly was conducted on 08.04.2019 (Monday). The students had an informative session by Ms. Ritu Kapoor, faculty member wherein they were highly impressed with the thought that Health is not valued till sickness comes. They were also given a few tips to maintain good health and to stay fit. It was indeed a need of hour to improve present stressful lifestyle.

  Title : Introduction Activity for Class II

With the beginning of the new session, its important to introduce ourselves.
An introduction activity on the theme "Meet me" was organized for the students of Class II on 5 April 2019. Students came with a small placard and introduced themselves. Their confidence and smartness added to the presentation. Teachers were highly impressed with their act, idea formulation and beautiful placards made by them.

  Title : Magic show for class VI in collaboration with Newspaper in Education

Whether we all admit it or not, we all believe in magic

A magic show was organized for class VI in collaboration with Newspaper in Education, to mark the beginning of a new session. The resource person, Mr Aman showcased mind boggling tricks. The children left the premises ecstatic and with a glow in their eyes. The magician left everyone spellbound with his magic tricks.

  Title : Quality Circle Class III

People helping people makes the world a better place to live
Fostering gratitude in our young learners for what they have is a real education. The students of class 3 left no stone unturned to instill the same among their fellow mates through a Quality Circle Presentation on the topic Our Helpers on 14 March 2019 (Thursday) where in they highlighted the thankless job of sweepers, sewage cleaners, domestic helpers etc. Through meticulous efforts they emphasized on the reformation of menial attitude towards these helpers. The event proved to be a success as the presenters left the spectators empathetic towards these indispensable members of our society. 

  Title : Role Play Competition Class II

Children are great imitators, give them something great to imitate.

Keeping this in mind, a Role Play Competition was organised for the students of class II on 27 February 2019. Students came dressed up as known freedom fighters and enthusiastically enacted the roles. All the actors for the role play put up their best show. The judges were highly impressed with the act, idea formulation and act execution by the students. It was a great learning experience for the students. 

  Title : Visit by UK Delegates

The UK delegates Mr. Kishan Devani, Treasurers Envoy for the Liberal Democratic Party and Mr. Meet Kotadia visited the school with an aim to foster best International Educational Practices and to deliver multifaceted approaches to learning. They were accorded a warm welcome. The guests observed the school setup and experienced the Indian Education system. Henceforth they had an interaction with the senior teachers wherein they apprised them with the various methods of effective classroom teaching and shared varied tips and approaches to make the classroom teaching interesting and innovative. 


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