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School Events

  Title : English Declamation Competition Class III

Smartphone brings you closer to the person far from you. But it takes you away from the ones sitting next to you.

Technology is a boon to mankind but is best only when it brings people together. To make the young generation aware about the adverse effects of excessive use of mobile phones, an enlightening English Declamation Competition was organized on the topic Smartphones : An addiction on July 25, 2017 (Tuesday) for Class III. The participants presented their views with a great aplomb and utmost eloquence. The speakers emphasized the fact that smartphones bring constant interruption and are hazardous for our health but it is upto us, either go with the flow or think wisely to deal with the situation. It was indeed an eyeopening session for everyone present.  


  Title : War of Words

An enlightening hindi debate competition was organized on the theme Mobile Phone: Parivar ka Gathan ya Vigathan on July 20,2017 for class IX. The contenders presented their perceptions with utmost eloquence and compelled the spectators to introspect themselves. The speakers emphasized the fact whether a mere device holds the responsibility of keeping the family together or the accusation of drifting the members apart. It was really enlightening to listen to the views of the contestants regarding the role of a technological miracle which emerged as a status symbol for the old and young alike.

  Title : Solo Dance Competition Class II

Dance is an art which not only requires a complete physical but also mental and spiritual attention. It is also a great way to experience the feeling of joy, love and success.

Students of class II enjoyed this wonderful art of life during a Solo Dance Competition organized for them on 18.07.2017 (Tuesday). The participants enthralled the audience with their fabulous dance performances. The program unfolded with the invocation of Lord Ganesha. One by one all the participants performed on the stage and left the spectators spell bound. The exquisite melange of dance was appreciated by all. Their colourful costumes added to the beauty of their performances.

The competition enhanced the confidence of the participants and gave them an opportunity to explore the hidden talent in themselves.  

  Title : The greatest art in the world is the art of story telling

Stories are there in every childs mind, waiting to be discovered. They have always been the best way to restore order with imagination and instill values, hope, love and wisdom. The same was experienced by the students of class IV during an interhouse Story Telling Competition held on July 15, 2017. The stories transported the audience into the fascinating world of tales and also made an everlasting impact on everyone with the morals imbibed in it. Tagore House stole the show and bagged the first position. 

  Title : National Day of France

The National Day of France was celebrated in the school on July 14, 2017. Myriad of activities like collage making, poster making, poetry composition, project making etc were organized for the students of classes V-X in which enthusiastic participation was observed. A commendable creative and praiseworthy crafts have been produced by the young artists and thinkers. The endeavour was triumphant as it taught the students the worth of bond between the two nations.

  Title : Mathematical Rangoli Activity

Mathematics is not only about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms. It can also be real fun at times.

The same was demonstrated by the students of class VI through an interesting and engaging Rangoli Making Activity, held on 13.07.17.

Students used varied mathematical shapes to make vivid and colourful rangoli designs. Not only they had a great time, but it also gave them an opportunity to put their creativity on show.

  Title : Thought Provoking Assembly on World Population Day

A special morning assembly was conducted on the theme World Population Day on July 11, 2017. An informative video was shown to make the young spectators aware of the global population issues. They were apprised of several facts and figures related to world population to which they were unaware of yet. The audience was not only enlightened on the population concerns which await us in future and but also learnt to shoulder their responsibilities towards the planet. It was a blissful start to the day as it carried further the motto of World Population Day.

  Title : Hindi Kavita Path Pratiyogita

Lost wealth may be regained by hard work.

Last knowledge may be regained by dedicated study.

But, time lost is lost forever.

The students of Class III decipher the same thought through a Hindi Kavita Path Pratiyogita on 16.05.2017 on the topic Samay Ki Bachat. Students presented their poems with great aplomb. The eye-catching props and costumes of participants were appreciated by one and all. The session proved to be a great learning for life for the modernites and gave them a message:

The bad news is Time Flies.

The good news is you are the Pilot.

  Title : ISA Activity - Mathematics is the Music of Reasoning

A mathematical role play on the theme Great Mathematicians was organized on May 16, 2017 under the International School Award programme. The students of Class VI revered the great historic mathematicians by imitating them on the stage. The contributions of Ramanujan, Pythagoras, Descartes, Brahmagupta, Gauss, Pascal and many other eminent mathematicians were highlighted through breathtaking enactments by the young actors. It was indeed an informative and mesmerizing event as it apprised the spectators with pivotal role of several genius minds that to which the history would remain indebted.

  Title : Young shoulders wield responsibility

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Warren Bennis

The school held its Investiture Ceremony with great zeal and zest. The deserving young talents of the school were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their school  from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence.

The event was presided over by Lieutenant General D. V. Kalra. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were the Chairman of the school, Mr. K. L. Sobti and honourable Principal
Ms. Alka Kapur. The auspicious ceremony commenced with the musical rendition by the school choir, followed by a scintillating dance performance on the theme Never give up, great things take time.

Marching smartly attired in blue shirts, the student council took their positions on the stage eager to take on the new responsibilities that they were to be entrusted with. It was a defining moment for the newly elected Head Boy  Arpit Madaan, Head Girl  Apporva, Junior Head Boy  Govind Ramuka, Junior Head Girl  Srishti, and the team of House Captains, Cleanliness and Discipline In charges.

The school Principal administered the oath to the members of the cabinet wherein they pledged to serve the school and fulfill their responsibilities with the best of their abilities. The Chief Guest handed over the appointment letters to the office bearers and emphasized on the importance of discipline and developing the qualities of leadership in themselves.

The Principal, Ms. Alka Kapur enthused the young leaders to uphold the values of the school and to keep the school flag flying while discharging their duties honestly and impartially.

The Investiture Ceremony concluded with lots of hopes and aspirations for our future leaders. It was a moment of pride and of humbleness, of authority with accountability and above all service.



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