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School Events

  Title : Centre Level Children Science Congress 2016

It was a matter of exuberance and pride as our school hosted Centre Level Children Science Congress on Thursday October 27, 2016. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, General Secretary, NCSC and Mr. Chhikhara, Head of Office, Science Centre Number - 1 were the guests of honour. The event witnessed the participation of over 20 teams in senior category and 10 teams in Junior category from various schools of repute.

Program commenced with the floral welcome of the guests followed by a cultural extravaganza. Our students also participated in both the categories and successfully qualified for the state level. It was a privilege to host such a reputable event for the entire Modern Public School fraternity.

  Title : Modernites participated in Anti Cracker Rally

The Department of Environment Government of NCT, Delhi organized an Anti Fire Cracker Campaign at Central Park Connaught Place, Delhi on 27 November 2016. The theatre group of Modern Public School Chetna presented a street play on the theme Patakhon ka Bavandar to educate the masses on the hazardous effects of lighting crackers. The students through their stupendous acting acumen, delivered the message of celebrating Eco-friendly and Safe Diwali. Sh. Imran Hussainji, the Minister of Environment highly appreciated the sincere efforts put in by the school and the students to bring awareness on the urgent need to bring compatibility between quality of life and quality of environment. The efforts of the students to provide environmental education and impart desirable environment ethics in the society, was successful. 

  Title : Cheers To Festivity

Festival of light that enhances every heart was celebrated with much fervor and gaiety on October 28, 2016. A special assembly was organized for classes II to XII to acquaint  the students on the true meaning of this festival. The young brigade of this listened with rapt attention to a heart rendering speech on its relevance. Followed by a mesmerizing song on this occasion. To take the celebration further, Madam Principal Ms Alka Kapur showered her blessings on the children with the distribution of chocolates. Everyone felt overwhelmed with the token of cone and mouth watering treat by Madam. The day witnessed a bonanza through a variety of events for classes Preschool to IX. The creative minds showcased their talents by making embellished Lantern, Diya, Paper Rangoli and Paper bandharwar. The entire premise was filled with hues of variance and delight.

  Title : Let us fill air with love, not with smoke

A grand Anti-Cracker rally was commemorated by the students and faculty members of Modern Public School on October 25, 2016. The chief guest, Dr. B.C Sabat, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Delhi Government, was invited to encourage students to celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali. Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapoor welcomed the chief guest and in her address shared her deep notion to renounce not just crackers but every vice that harms the nature and mankind. Several renowned schools including DL DAV Shalimar Bagh, Jaspal Kaur Public School, Mount Abu Public School and other prestigious institutions joined our school for the noble campaign. The young reformers of the society came at front with their banners, placards and posters and took the endeavour onto streets. A short but very informative Nukkad Natika was enacted in the proximity area to promote pollution free Diwali. The initiative proved to be successful and enlightening as it revived people?s perception of conventional Diwali celebration.

  Title : World Polio Day

Modern Public School observed  October 24, 2016 as World Polio Day at Hindu College where 30 students along with two teachers (Ms. Ritu Sharma and Ms. Taruna Arora) participated in creating a formation of Polio Free India in a mega event organized by India National Polio Plus Committee of Rotary International and Rotary Districts 3011 and 3012.

The programme apprised the students with the importance of World Polio Day which is observed every year to commemorate the birth of Dr. Jones Salk who led the first team to develop a vaccine against polio. The programme also helped to sensitize the students that though India has been free of Polio for the last five years but there is still a need to continue the support for Polio eradication. The historic event was witnessed by more than 6000 children along with top brass of Rotary, WHO, UNICEF and Ministry of Health. The students felt proud to be the part of such a prestigious event.


With an endeavour to make the students know the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organisation, United Nations Day was celebrated on October 24, 2016. The students of classes IX to XI showcased their views on its diversity in the form of a video recording. The presentation was aired in all the classes. The students were enlightened about the significance of this day. It was indeed an enriching experience for one and all.

  Title : Innovative Ideas Brought to the Fore Front

In order to make children aware of uses of waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, A Best Out of Waste activity was organized for the students of class IX on October 14, 2016. They prepared different items like wall hangings, pen stands, photo frames etc which they embellished using wide varieties of decorative like ribbon, mirrors, newspapers, sequins, bangles etc. The activity helped the students to not only enhance their aesthetic skills but they also created mind blowing, beyond expectation ideas. It was a skillful display of their creativity.

  Title : Rally on the occasion of International Day for Girl Child

Modern Public School believes in gender equity and acknowledges the significance of girl child in the society. Keeping the same doctrine in mind, a rally was commemorated on October 7, 2016 by the students and the faculty members of the school, on the occasion of International Day for Girl Child. The rally aimed at taking the initiative onto streets and enlightening everyone about the significance of this equally essential yet subjugated stratum of the society. The Modernites spread the message successfully through effectual placards, banners and posters. They left no prospect futile to promote this very crucial message and ensured that their mighty squeals reach every ear. The efforts of students were appreciated by all the spectators as they remarked such drives as incredibly essential and identified them as the need of the hour. The budding reformers reflected their willingness to make a change in the society and made it extremely successful and motivating for all.

  Title : Korean Day celebrations - One vision, one world!

Producing global citizens has been one of the main agendas at Modern Public School along with promoting internationalism at every level. With the same idea in mind, Korean Day was celebrated by the scholars of class IV on 7th October 2016(Friday). The celebration helped the young students to learn about the culture, tradition, customs, technology, heritage and cuisine of Korea in detail. The programme also exhibited the traditional dance performances, Taek-Won Do, and fashion in Korea which left the audience absolutely mesmerized. The highlights of the show were the Korean Art Gallery and the Grand Finale which drew thunderous applauses and loud cheers from the spectators. The programme helped the students develop teamwork, creativity, cooperation and confidence. The day was indeed full of experience, learning and exposure for Modernites that will undoubtedly be cherished for long.

  Title : Mobile Classroom Van for Health & Wellness Education

It is not about ideas, it is about making them happen

Expressions India initiated a Mobile Classroom van for Health and Wellness Education programme which focused on imparting essential awareness on Health and Wellness Education to students. Our school was privileged to be the first amongst  numerous renowned schools in Delhi, to be a part of this initiative of Expressions India on October 4, 2016.The senior resource faculty, Ms. Aparna Singh and Life Skills Trainer Ms. Aparajita Dixit addressed the mind-blowing session. The objective of the van was to enlighten the students on Health and Wellness. It was a delight to observe the students participating with great zeal and enthusiasm. All our young partakers were benefitted by the healthy interaction and self participation through the role-plays. The spokes persons endeavoured to instill important life-skills in students, through worthy discussions. The session proved to be a wonderful experience for all. 


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