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School Events

  Title : Modernites at Young Changemakers Conclave 2018

A team of 30 students and 4 faculty members  attended the United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave on 24 February 2018 held at Indira Gandhi Stadium. The theme of the conclave was Social impact and innovation  : Agenda 2030. This conclave was a special edition of YCC to create a conversation about the new frontiers in social impact through technology and innovation.

Honourable Mr. Justin Trudeau Prime Minister, Canada was the keynote speaker of the event. He addressed the august gathering and applauded the efforts of youth to take India to greater heights. The address by the revered Canadian Prime Minister along with other eminent speakers pondered on the key issues such as depleting natural resources, unemployability ,gender inequality and climate change. Diya Mirza, notable artist and environmentalist urged society to adopt eco-friendly ways to save nature as ecology and economy are like umbilical chords that can?t be separated rather they have to work in tandem  to secure the world from natural calamities.

The conclave also witnessed the success stories of leading entrepreneurs, Inventors, Technologists and change makers who reiterated the role of technology and innovation in eradicating the social evils.

The entire event was truly an eye opener for one and all to adopt green good deeds to preserve nature for posterity.

  Title : Inter House Role Play Activity Class V

Great heroes are the ones who are brave, caring and handle situations without any violence

An Inter House Role Play Activity was organized for the students of class V on February 16, 2018. The partakers were adorably disguised as prominent leaders of the world such as Adolf Hitler, Narendra Modi, Martin Luther and many more. The participants presented themselves with an imperative sparkling tone. It was a successful event as it apprised the spectators with the influence of an effective role play and also motivated them to tread the footsteps of great personalities.

  Title : Quality Circle Class III

If the home is where the heart is,

our home is here, deep within the arms of nature.

And the biggest threat to it is the belief that someone else will save it!

Students of Class III threw light upon responsibilities towards Mother Nature through a Quality Circle Presentation on February 07, 2018(Wednesday) on the theme We, the Nature Custodians.  The audience realized during the presentation that man is a part of nature, not apart from it. They also took a message home that the key to a greener, happier planet is in our hands only. We can make a difference because we are the true custodians of nature. The efforts of the participants were applauded by one and all present.


Being happy does not mean everything is perfect, it means you have decided to look beyond imperfection.

In pursuance to this, Modern Public School collaborated with RED FM 93.5 and All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) to spread the message of mental health and mental fitness. It was a matter of exuberance as the school accorded a warm welcome to celebrity RJ Raunak from RED FM along with his content creator Mr. Rohan and the team of explicit doctors from AIIMS. The programme commenced with the address of Dr. Nand Kumar, renowned psychiatrist from AIIMS who briefed everyone about MATE Mind Activation Through Education. The programme also highlighted the importance of relieving stress while learning. RJ RAUNAK in an interactive session with the students advised them to be vocal and expressive as keeping mute during critical times leads towards long term complications.
The day also witnessed a thought provoking stage performance by theatre society of mental health ZAHIR. 
The session concluded with the words of advice and gratitude by honourable Ma?am Principal for the team RED FM and AIIMS. She apprised the students that sorting out the matter at an appropriate time do help to bring out the solution as KEEPING SILENCE IS NOT ALWAYS GOLDEN.


  Title : Acknowledging the Accomplishments

Modern Public School believes in the virtue of appreciation to boost the morale of budding visionaries. Treading the same path, the school organized an Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony on January 25, 2018. The event cherish the benign presence of our Revered Chief Guest Dr. Kaakran, CMO of a renowned Government Hospital, Honourable Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapur, Honourable Director Academics Ms. Geeta Sehgal, Respected Vice Principal Ms. Mena Mittle and Office Superintendent Mrs. Ravinder Gumber. The programme commenced with the formal welcome of the guests and unfurling of National Flag by the chief guest revering the prospect of Republic Day. Apoorva, Head Girl of the school spoke eloquently marking the struggle and achievements of India, in her speech on the occasion.

The school choir presented a melodious song motivating the audience to shake mountains to achieve ultimate success. Mannmeet Kaur of Class X, Arpit Madan and Mayank Dhoundiyal of Class XI apprised the spectators with the achievements and laurels brought by the Modernites during the session 2017-18. A beautiful Ballet themed Envisioning the Constitution was performed by the budding artists, which highlighted the vital events which led to the formation of the supreme document. Honourable Chief Guest Dr. Kaakran motivated the students to instill the feeling of patriotism among themselves and to work diligently towards the success of the nation. The deserving disciples along with their parents received the awards which were due to their caliber. The tiny toddlers of Pre-School and Pre-Primary Classes also showcased their feeling of patriotism by enacting a Role Play Activity on National Leaders, by creating a beautiful collage of national symbols and also by devouring Tri-Colour food for the day. The event culminated with the stimulating speech of Honourable Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapur, who in her address, threw light on the significance of parents support and collaboration in the success of a student. Through her words of wisdom, she inspired the spectators to be worthy citizens of a nation which has gained liberty after immense struggle. It was indeed a marvelous event for all the spectators as it not only acknowledged the accomplishments of the students but also emphasized on the strife which ultimately brought the glorious title of Republic to our nation.


  Title : Preparing the Young for Disasters

Modern Public School believes in preparing for tomorrow, for success as well as emergencies. Treading the same path, a Fire Safety Drill was organized for the students on January 18, 2018. Mr. Feroz Khan, Sub-Officer (Fire) and his team familiarized the students with fire and its management. The students were practically demonstrated the fire safety techniques by the trained personnel. The students also participated in the session by playing fire volunteers and practicing the drill themselves. It was a massive success as the spectators learnt such significant skill of managing fire.


Safety education begins right from school. By obeying safety rules and regulations, we can save ourselves   and others on the road .In order to make students aware of the importance of road safety, a workshop was conducted by Ramveer Sangwan and Shailender Kumar, Assistant Sub Inspector, Delhi Traffic Police on 15-01-2018(Monday). The students were informed about essential traffic signals, important road safety rules and regulations. The workshop turned out to be a great learning session for 

  Title : Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A Hindi Recitation Competition was organized for the students of class II on 16.01.2018 (Tuesday). The participants came up with beautiful poems on the theme Swachhta Ka Rakhe Khayal and presented them very confidently. The props complemented the theme of their poem too.  The wonderful expressions exhibited gave an edge to the competition.

The show concluded with a pledge to keep the society and the country clean. 

  Title : Modernites on air for Innovation in India

A team of 13 students along with 2 teachers got the privilege to attend a talk show on Innovation India by NITI Aayog on 4January 2018.

It was telecast on DD News and DD National on 6 January 2018. The students being in top 100 positions in their innovation, explained their prototypes. Dr. Prasoon Bharti, an entrepreneur appreciated the efforts of the Modernites that they put in through their innovative measures for people with special needs and in the field of agriculture.

The link for the program telecast is as follows:

  Title : Philanthropists in Making

Modern Public School fraternity retains its faith in the notion of magnanimity and generosity and toils hard to inculcate the same in children in their formative years. This gesture and desire to help the poor and needy is the need of todays materialistic world. The virtue of philanthropy is the ray of hope which we need to crawl out of the darkness of discrimination.

The school organized a Donation Campaign in collaboration with Roti Bank, an organization dedicated to feeding the needy people on December 26th , 2017 and December 27, 2017. The drive was a call for the staff members and the students to share their woolens, kitchenware and other utility items to spread joy and smile among the underprivileged sections of the society. The event was a learning session for all as they realized the worth of the joy of giving. It was indeed a great manner to instill the values of selflessness and munificence in the young minds in order to make them ideal human beings. The drive witnessed an overwhelming response of the students and they proved that magnanimity is not just a part but a way of life.




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