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School Events

  Title : Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

MPS reverberates for a Cleaner Today Tomorrow  and Future
To mark the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi  Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign was celebrated with much gaiety in and around the school premises from September 15 to October 2,2018. A myriad of events were organised on October 2,2018 where the enthusiastic modernites spread across Shalimar Bagh to spread awareness among the residents. A team of class I to V hailed a Prabhat Pheri wherein they wrote thought provoking messages on postcards which were distributed in various houses of the area. Another brigade toiled hard around Prem Bari Pul with their paraphernalia to clean the dirty area. Furthermore, to instill magnanimity among the leaders of tomorrow, soaps were distributed in the slum area near Rohini. To ensure proper sanitation and hygiene , a Nukkad Natak was presented where the artists put on an impressive show to highlight the benefits of maintaining cleanliness at public places and also described the magnitude of the problems emerging out of unclean surroundings in the play. The school's Trash Band brought in euphoric performance that stole the heart away of the spectators. A cleanliness march proceeded with mind boggling slogans was enough to grab the attention of every passers-by. To top it all, the MPS squad crafted a Tree Plantation Drive wherein the planters were arranged in methodical sequence using empty coke cans. They appeared like pearls falling with greenery from the heaven. An oasis of cleanliness was painted with hues of vibrance through Wall Graffiti that underlined the revolutionary idea to keep our surroundings clean. The culmination of the fortnight was quite inspiring and motivating for the staff and students. The nation builders realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself. It also made them aware of the dignity of labour and charity. This was not the end of yet another exciting week but the beginning of stage set towards a cleaner, greener and better India.


  Title : A visit to B. R. Ambedkar National Memorial

B. R. Ambedkar Memorial : A walk down the memory lane.

The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.

A visit to B. R. Ambedkar National Memorial was organized for the students of class V on 29.09.2018(Saturday).

Students were fascinated by the architecture of the building which was built in the shape of a book. A meditation hall, a Bodhi Tree and a musical fountain were the other attractions of the memorial. The tour provided an insight into the life of B. R. Ambedkar and his contribution to India. 

  Title : Gandhi Jayanti

To commemorate the birth anniversary of the great soul, father of the nation, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated in the school on 28.09.2018(Friday). The students paid homage to this humble seeker of truth through a patriotic song. Syna Chopra of class V enlightened the audience through her speech by elaborating on the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi, who never flinched from taking risks and confessing mistakes. The show concluded with a mesmerizing dance performance depicting unprecedented awakening brought by Gandhiji all over the country. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the 2nd Prime Minister of India, who shares his birthday with Gandhiji, was also remembered on the occasion.

  Title : Extending Global ties with Korean School

Our school is actively taking part in a global education programme which is designed to help the young learners know and understand global themes and become responsible global citizens. The school in partnership with Yangil High School in South Korea exchanges views on culture, global issues, rights and responsibilities of global citizens which form the basis of this programme. The students of both the schools have had an interactive session of getting to know each other better through Video Conferencing sessions. As a mark of gratitude and fondness for our country, the Korean School sent us a box full of gifts which included diaries, folders, books, pens, cards, handkerchiefs, eatables and many more Korean souvenirs and delicacies which showcased their love, compassion and respect towards our culture and tradition. It was a moment of excitement coupled with joy and exhilaration for the students of our school as they appreciated the kind gesture of the Korean school. Undoubtedly, it is a wonderful opportunity for both the schools to take learning beyond the classroom while strengthening the bond between the two countries. Our school expresses its gratitude to the students of Yangil High School for building bridges of understanding among students of both the countries. 

  Title : Teachers Day Celebration 2018

Being a teacher is the highest privilege, having one is the best blessing

  Title : English Declamation Competition for Class VI

Gadgets are awesome servants but dangerous masters

Modern gadgets seem essential for human existence to such an extent that life appears impossible without them. But children must realize the adverse effects of these attractive instruments. In pursuance to the same an English Declamation Competition on the theme Parents' Gadgets Children's Weapons was organized for the students of Class VI on August 29,2018. The participants expressed their views eloquently and apprised the spectators with the hazards of overuse of technology. The speakers emphasized on the significance of parental control over children while they are using these gadgets. The event was a huge success as the audience learnt to differentiate between the requisite usage of technology and over-dependence on it.


  Title : Quality Circle for Class VIII

Quality Circle on the topic From Pizza boxes to Household batteries, How to Go Green was organised  for Class VIII students on 30 August, 2018  with the objective of imbibing in the students the respect for nature and to generate awareness concerning the conservation of the planet. 

  Title : Mega Career Fair- 2018

The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which helps him to become a strong and influential personality and find happiness.One such moment arrived today in Modern Public School in the form of a Career Fair organized for the students of Class XII. The school accorded a warm welcome to representatives of renowned universities across India who apprised the students with the future prospects in their respective fields of study. The students were also enlightened on various courses offered by these universities and their admission procedure. The session was a magnificent and phenomenal platform that proved a milestone in their journey towards success and accomplishment of goals. 

  Title : Rakhi Making Activity for Class IV and V

Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating an undying lone between siblings.

Modern Public School celebrated the auspicious festival of Rakhi on 25.08.2018 (Saturday). Students of class IV and V participated in the Rakhi making and Greeting card making activity with great enthusiasm. Students brought colourful decorative material and made Rakhis and cards displaying great creativity.

  Title : Strengthening Bond With Nature

  • Pious Bond with Nature
  • Conserve Environment
  • Eternal Association


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