MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018

School Events

  Title : Acknowledging the Accomplishments

Modern Public School believes in the virtue of appreciation to boost the morale of budding visionaries. Treading the same path, the school organized an Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony on January 25, 2018. The event cherish the benign presence of our Revered Chief Guest Dr. Kaakran, CMO of a renowned Government Hospital, Honourable Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapur, Honourable Director Academics Ms. Geeta Sehgal, Respected Vice Principal Ms. Mena Mittle and Office Superintendent Mrs. Ravinder Gumber. The programme commenced with the formal welcome of the guests and unfurling of National Flag by the chief guest revering the prospect of Republic Day. Apoorva, Head Girl of the school spoke eloquently marking the struggle and achievements of India, in her speech on the occasion.

The school choir presented a melodious song motivating the audience to shake mountains to achieve ultimate success. Mannmeet Kaur of Class X, Arpit Madan and Mayank Dhoundiyal of Class XI apprised the spectators with the achievements and laurels brought by the Modernites during the session 2017-18. A beautiful Ballet themed Envisioning the Constitution was performed by the budding artists, which highlighted the vital events which led to the formation of the supreme document. Honourable Chief Guest Dr. Kaakran motivated the students to instill the feeling of patriotism among themselves and to work diligently towards the success of the nation. The deserving disciples along with their parents received the awards which were due to their caliber. The tiny toddlers of Pre-School and Pre-Primary Classes also showcased their feeling of patriotism by enacting a Role Play Activity on National Leaders, by creating a beautiful collage of national symbols and also by devouring Tri-Colour food for the day. The event culminated with the stimulating speech of Honourable Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapur, who in her address, threw light on the significance of parents support and collaboration in the success of a student. Through her words of wisdom, she inspired the spectators to be worthy citizens of a nation which has gained liberty after immense struggle. It was indeed a marvelous event for all the spectators as it not only acknowledged the accomplishments of the students but also emphasized on the strife which ultimately brought the glorious title of Republic to our nation.


  Title : Preparing the Young for Disasters

Modern Public School believes in preparing for tomorrow, for success as well as emergencies. Treading the same path, a Fire Safety Drill was organized for the students on January 18, 2018. Mr. Feroz Khan, Sub-Officer (Fire) and his team familiarized the students with fire and its management. The students were practically demonstrated the fire safety techniques by the trained personnel. The students also participated in the session by playing fire volunteers and practicing the drill themselves. It was a massive success as the spectators learnt such significant skill of managing fire.


Safety education begins right from school. By obeying safety rules and regulations, we can save ourselves   and others on the road .In order to make students aware of the importance of road safety, a workshop was conducted by Ramveer Sangwan and Shailender Kumar, Assistant Sub Inspector, Delhi Traffic Police on 15-01-2018(Monday). The students were informed about essential traffic signals, important road safety rules and regulations. The workshop turned out to be a great learning session for 

  Title : Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A Hindi Recitation Competition was organized for the students of class II on 16.01.2018 (Tuesday). The participants came up with beautiful poems on the theme Swachhta Ka Rakhe Khayal and presented them very confidently. The props complemented the theme of their poem too.  The wonderful expressions exhibited gave an edge to the competition.

The show concluded with a pledge to keep the society and the country clean. 

  Title : Modernites on air for Innovation in India

A team of 13 students along with 2 teachers got the privilege to attend a talk show on Innovation India by NITI Aayog on 4January 2018.

It was telecast on DD News and DD National on 6 January 2018. The students being in top 100 positions in their innovation, explained their prototypes. Dr. Prasoon Bharti, an entrepreneur appreciated the efforts of the Modernites that they put in through their innovative measures for people with special needs and in the field of agriculture.

The link for the program telecast is as follows:

  Title : Philanthropists in Making

Modern Public School fraternity retains its faith in the notion of magnanimity and generosity and toils hard to inculcate the same in children in their formative years. This gesture and desire to help the poor and needy is the need of todays materialistic world. The virtue of philanthropy is the ray of hope which we need to crawl out of the darkness of discrimination.

The school organized a Donation Campaign in collaboration with Roti Bank, an organization dedicated to feeding the needy people on December 26th , 2017 and December 27, 2017. The drive was a call for the staff members and the students to share their woolens, kitchenware and other utility items to spread joy and smile among the underprivileged sections of the society. The event was a learning session for all as they realized the worth of the joy of giving. It was indeed a great manner to instill the values of selflessness and munificence in the young minds in order to make them ideal human beings. The drive witnessed an overwhelming response of the students and they proved that magnanimity is not just a part but a way of life.



  Title : Laughter Heals What Medicine Doesnt

A Quality Circle on the theme Laughter is the Best Medicine was organized for the students of class VI on December 30, 2017. The participants participated with enthusiasm and left no stone unturned in proving the worth of humour in life. An informative video was shown to the audience which highlighted the impact of laughter on our physiology. The partakers disguised as varied modern and contemporary comic characters apprised the spectators with the significance of laughter for our mental health and life. The show was not only a learning session but also an inspiration to the young minds as it encouraged them to renounce violence and distress and drifted them to adopt laughter as a way of life.


  Title : Friendly Football Match

Friendly Football Match was held on 29 December 2017 between Modernites and Manthan Foundation at football ground in the premises of Modern Public School. Both the teams gave a tough fight to each other. It was an initiative to create curiosity and interest for the sport of football. It was a thorough entertaining session for the spectators.


  Title : If we keep Christ in our heart, Christmas has no end.

Christmas is a festival that heralds mirth, serenity and peace all around, bringing a smile on every face. To keep up the festive spirit Christmas was celebrated with a dash of panache in our school on 22 December 2017 (Friday). The magic of Christmas came alive with the euphoric carols reverberating and kindling the entire atmosphere. A short video was shown to the students which enlightened them about the significance of stockings hung on Christmas trees and the legend behind the origin of Santa Claus. The carnival dance depicting the colourful costumes and appropriate props was a feast to the eyes. The advent of Santa Claus on the scene thrilled and brought joy on the faces of the tiny tots. The school wore a festive look with Christmas trees decorated with baubles and streamers, Christmas flowers and hollies. Pictures of Santa Claus adorned the School Reception and the walls of the classrooms, giving the message of caring, sharing, peace, harmony and forgiveness. The Director Academics Ms. Geeta Sehgal appreciated the wonderful performance put up by the students. The Vice Principal urged the students to lend out a helping hand to the underprivileged and needy people which is the true essence of celebrating Christmas. 

  Title : Mysticism of Dance and Expression

SPICMACAY, a non-political, nationwide and voluntary movement for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth acknowledges the rich heritage of art and culture of our nation and intends to enrich the quality of formal education by increasing awareness about different aspects of Indian heritage and inspiring the young mind to imbibe the values embedded in it.

To replicate the same, the school hosted Odissi Dance extravaganza by one of the finest exponents of Indian Classical Odissi Dance, Padma Shri Smt. Geeta Mahalik and her team of cultural performers on December 19, 2017.

Geeta Mahalik, the epitome of Indian Classical Odissi Dance, set the stage right with her gracious dance moves. The session was a no less than a trip to the rich cultural heritage of India, wherein the celebrated artist made the spectators experience the mysticism embodied in the heterogeneous cultural tapestry of Indian and World Heritage. The highlight of the show was the presentation of Ramayana by mere dance moves and expressions. The lecture cum demonstration of this genre of Indian classical dance was indeed an enriching and magical experience for the audience as they witnessed the beauty, grace, values and wisdom assimilated in art. The hugely successful event let the art influence the young minds and their way of living and thinking.


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