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School Events

  Title : Role play is the closest way the child can truly become his favourite superhero

To make the students familiar with eminent personalities from all corners of the world a Role Play activity was organised for the students of Class III on 15.12.17(Friday).

The students came dressed up in the attire of their favourite personality and exhibited their role in front of their fellowmates. The activity aimed at developing their confidence to perform in front of a live audience.

It proved to be an experimental learning for one and all.


  Title : Gandhian Ideology : The need of the hour

The future generations would wonder if a person like Gandhi really walked this Earth in flesh and blood.

With an endeavour to bring solace with our inner self, Quality Circle of class IX was held on the theme Is Gandhian Ideology fading away? on December 12, 2017. The eloquent orators brought thought-provoking ideologies to the forefront. The audience was enthralled by the heart rendering poetry and skit. They put on their thinking caps for a short quiz as well.The presentation focused on the blend of past ideals of Mahatma Gandhi to that of the contemporary vision of people. It was not only informative but also enriching learning experience for one and all.

  Title : Class XII- We Fare Thee Well

The school organized a farewell ceremony for the students of Class XII on December 8, 2017 to bid adieu to the batch. The students arrived with utmost excitement dressed into their best attire for the event. The ceremony commenced with the Sai Sandhya to seek the blessings of the Almighty.

The day was a perfect blend of smiles, tears and reminiscences. A movie showcasing their time spent with their teachers and friends in the school was shown to the students which took all on a nostalgic ride. The parting moments were extremely poignant for both teachers and students as tears rolled down their eyes. The students were advised to focus on their careers and the beautiful life ahead. It was indeed a wonderful day brimming with happiness, love, sorrow and blessings.

  Title : Poetry in voice - Inter house Ballad Recitation

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found word - Robert Frost

An Inter-House English Ballad Recitation Competition was organised for the students of class IX on   December 7, 2017. The aura was filled with rhythmic tunes where the flamboyance of their costume added  a cherry to the cake. The judges appreciated the  zeal of the participants that made the whole gathering rapt in their performances. The participants recited the well chosen ballads with grace  and sophistication. All the nuances were well captured and delivered by the  young ballad artists. 

  Title : Inter-house Mathematical Quiz Contest

Life is nothing but Mathematics of Moments

 Mathematics is significant not just for a student but no one be it a doctor , an engineer, a grocer or a carpenter can live without Mathematics in his life.

To keep this worth of Mathematics intact, an Inter-house Mathematical Quiz Contest, M Quest was organized for the students for Class VI on December 5, 2017. The students participated with great enthusiasm and interest. It was wonderful to observe budding minds obtaining answers to mind-boggling questions. The participants were appraised by the Honourable Director Academics Ms. Geeta Sehgal for their diligent efforts to make the contest a huge success. The session contributed greatly in keeping the spirit and love of Mathematics alive.


  Title : Quality Circle - Class VII

Your positive actions combined with positive thinking results in success.

A Quality Circle on the theme Positive Thinking was organised for the students of class VII. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They left no stone unturned in spreading the significance of positive thinking. The spectators were apprised with the powers of positive attitude. The event culminated with an eloquent speech by Honourable Director Academics 
Ms. Geeta Sehgal, who in her address motivated the students to blend positive actions with equally positive ideas.


  Title : Enact A Poll

The school organised an enriching activity Enact A Poll for the students of classes VI to VIII. All the students were enlightened with a presentation on the election process and its importance in a democratic country like India. To further educate the students on the responsibilities of an aware citizen, a voting session was also conducted where each student was given an opportunity to cast his vote. The children were made aware about the various rules of the Indian Parliament. 

  Title : Hindi Declamation Competition - Class II

Everyone has the right to express oneself. To inculcate the art of expression, a Hindi Declamation Competition on the topic Meethi Vaani was organized for the students of Class II on 27 November 2017(Monday). Participants presented their views in an effective manner with well decorated language using idioms, phrases and sayings of renowned personalities. They stressed upon adding politeness in our day to day conversation as this has eloped from voices of the new generation. The judges appreciated the efforts of the participants and applauded them for their confidence and correct pronunciation. This activity was an opportunity for the students to showcase their oratory skills. 

  Title : Open House on the topics Cyber Crime and Gender Sensitization

Discussion is the most effective way of sharing knowledge. Keeping this in mind, an open house was held for the students of class XI on the topics Cyber Crime and Gender Sensitization. The resource person was Dr. Anu Singh, NIE Associate, from Times of India. Honourable Principal, Academic Director and Vice Principal also graced the session.

The session witnessed a volley of questions regarding the problems faced by the young generation. Students voiced their opinion on these sensitive issues and shared their personal experiences. The resource person solved the queries and generated awareness amongst the children. They were sensitised on gender issues and how to resolve interpersonal conflicts arising from gender issues. They were also told how to tackle them and act assertively and respond to challenges. This session helped the students to exchange views on the role of family, media, career and profession in the process of gender discrimination. Another issue under discussion was cyber crime wherein, the various possibilities of account hacking were discussed. The resource person highlighted the need for children to be wise enough while using cyber space.

It was a highly enriching and interactive session. 

  Title : Innovation Bus Showcase

Facebook Shuruaat Bus Showcase driven by Apollo tyres hosted by Vikram Chandra and presented by NDTV India was carried out by NITI Aayog on Childrens Day 14 November 2017. The spectacular panel discussion was based on Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). The views of different entrepreneurs and eminent personalities enriched the participants with the thought of being good mentors and facing the adverse challenges with grit and determination that an excellent entrepreneurship demands for. Mr. Amitabh Kant CEO of NITI Aayog quoted, India must become a nation of job creators, not job seekers. This statement truly inspired the audience to do something for the nation. Mr. Ramanathan, Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission focussed on community problems of India and importance of ATL in the education system. It was indeed fortunate for the modernites to be a part of the enriching session. A glance at the ATL Bus Showcase brought up a scientific aptitude among the children. The audience gave a thunderous applause on seeing Arjun Rampal the bollywood actor sharing his views on business start-ups and importance of practical approach in education system. It was a tremendously inspiring program that instilled modernites a spark to show their innovative skills for the upliftment of the nation. 


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