MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018

School Events

  Title : Yoga:An invitation to life

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class IX-A and IX-B on April 26,2018.The theme for the same was Yoga wherein the participants showcased their latent talents through a PowerPoint presentation which began from the history of yoga and its journey to the modern era. Furthermore various asanas were presented by the enthusiasts. Last but not the least a foot tapping Zumba dance was witnessed by the audience. It was indeed a soulful session that rejuvenated the senses of one and all.


  Title : Alert today, alive tomorrow

A drawing competition on the topic Sadak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha was conducted for the students of primary classes on 26.04.2018(Thursday) with a sole aim to spread awareness about safety measures on road. The students were also taught about the importance of following traffic rules while they are on the road. It proved to be a great learning session for everyone.

  Title : Science and Innovation Fair 2018

There is a single light of science and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere.

With this fervor and perseverance, Modern Public School in association with FGSI( Foundation for Global Science and Initiatives) organized Science and Innovation Fair 2018 on Monday, 23rd April 2018.
The fair was graced by Dr. Ram Bhooj, Programme Specialist, Environment and Natural Heritage- UNESCO , Dr. D.K.Pandey Vice Chairman FGSI and other eminent professors and scientists from various spheres of science and technology.
The fair witnessed participation of a number of schools across Delhi wherein students presented their unique and innovative ideas in front of diligent Jury.
Modernites also gave wonderful presentations and demonstrated their academic acumen in consummation of Science.
It was an incomparable and extraordinary platform for students to rise above the mundane and become genius.
Science is indeed a beautiful gift to humanity and we tried out utmost to use it judiciously in benefit of one and all. 

  Title : Commemoration Earth Day Continues

A Potters Wheel activity was organised for the students of Class IV and V on April 21, 2018 in order to continue the celebration of Earth Day. The students participated with great enthusiasm and emerged with worth watching creativities. It was hugely successful as it not only utilized their inner talent but also sensitized them towards the planet.

  Title : Pledge to save and conserve Mother Earth

A special assembly was conducted on 20 April 2018 by the students of class XI to commemorate the significance of Earth day and to sensitize the students on the declining state of our Mother Earth. This thought was propagated through an inspiring video which highlighted the enlightening speech by the famous Cosmologist Carl Sagan who dwelt upon the Pale Blue Dot , the earth which is under constant threat by us, the human race , who motivated by greed is pushing the earth towards a global catastrophic risk. This was followed by a melodious song by the school choir Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- A dream to spread the message of cleanliness amongst one and all. The junior students presented a belle dance highlighting the plight of our dear Earth facing the atrocities of her own children. To invoke sensitivity and fight against all the evils that plague our Mother Earth, a pledge was taken by all the modernites to save this planet. A plethora of activities were conducted by the students of Pre-school to class II. Seed sowing activity was conducted for Pre- school. Pre-Primary students added color with their Fancy Attire. Class I and Class II laid their hands on Pot making and Wall Hanging making activities respectively. The assembly invoked the feelings of responsibility towards Mother Earth in the students and teachers.


  Title : An online live session by the Atal Innovation Mission

An online live session was held by the Atal Innovation Mission on April 20, 2018. Ms. Avipsha Thakur, Assistant Vice President of cell for IPR Promotion and Management; along with Dr. Ayesha Chaudhary, Manager, Atal Innovation Mission were the spokesperson who sensitized the students on how to safeguard their innovations using IPR i.e. Intellectual Property Rights. The session was not only informative, but also enlightening and educative as the students realized their rights and its protection. The students listened to this informative session with great zeal and also, pledged to uphold their rights in future.


  Title : Hindi Declamation Class IX

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

With a vow to keep our Mother Earth hale and hearty, an Inter- House Hindi Declamation Competition was held for class IX on April 16,2018. The green crusaders presented their thought provoking speeches with eloquence and confidence. The audience was all ears to them and were mesmerized by their ingenuity. The event was a huge success where Goyam Jain of Class IX-B bagged the title of Best Content ,Best expression went to Samyak Jha of Class IX-B. The most Confident child was given to Jahanvi Sharma of IX-C while the overall title was taken by Yatika Sawhney of IX-D and Consolation prize was given to Soumya Sharma of IX-D.


  Title : ATL Community Day

Sharing Curiosities with Community

Atal Tinkering Lab is an approach of Central government of India to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation, creativity amongst Indian Students. Modern Public School is proudly one of those institutions which run a flourishing ATL Laboratory stimulating the scientific instincts of numerous budding learners each day. Realizing the need to create scientific temper and cultivate the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds, the school celebrated ATL Community Day with the underprivileged children of Sarthak Prayas and Gyan Adhaar NGOs on April 13, 2018. The event commenced with the distribution of chocolates among the children to bring cheer on their faces. Dr. D.K Pandey, former scientist - Department of Science and Technology, Government of  India addressed the children and apprised them with the significance of the programme. The budding learners were taken on a tour of the ATL Lab of the school where they were encourage to try their hands on mind boggling scientific activities. The innovative activities like making of an Electric Circuit an Electric Pen, an LED Blink by Arduino, an Electric Card and many more lured their hearts. The accurate utilization of a compound microscope for the observation of slides and the working of a 3D printer were also showcased to the invited learners. The show culminated with the demonstration of several informative videos which satiated their curiosities behind important inventions. The event proved to be a massive success as it not only quenched the thirst of minds but also brought enticing smiles on the faces of children.


  Title : Special assembly on the theme Health ENT

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver - Mahatma Gandhi

Modern Public School believes in the notion that health is the basic priority and success is merely a dream in lack of it. Treading the same belief the school celebrated World Health Day by conducting a special assembly on the theme Health-ENT on April 6,2017. Dr. Rajiv Dhawan, MS DNB(ENT), an ENT surgeon at Ayushman Hospital and Health Services graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The learned spokesperson apprised the students with numerous ways to look after health vividly through informative videos. It proved to be a great morning assembly as several myths regarding ENT health were busted in the interactive and enlightening session.



A video conference session was organized with Yangil High School in South Korea as a part of cultural Exchange program on 6 April 2018. It was a great learning experience for the students of both the schools as they were able to collaborate and get acquainted with the culture religion and tradition of each others country. It was an interactive session wherein students of both the schools asked a plethora of questions which were answered citing examples for each making it a very interesting and enriching experience. The students of our school were able to appreciate the extreme politeness and discipline of the Korean people. The Korean students expressed their wonder and were amazed to know about Indian cuisines and different religions precised in India making it a secular country. The session greatly enhanced our student?s knowledge and understanding of Korean heritage and culture. It was indeed an enriching experience for all the participants.



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