School Events

  Title : An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

With the aim of making our young scholars aware of the appropriate methods and techniques to practice oral hygiene, a Quality Circle Presentation on the theme- Dental Care was organized for the students of Class IV on 09.02.2017(Thursday). The presentation highlighted the significance of teeth, the wee little part of our body and their structure. Common dental issues prevalent in children were brought to light and ways to prevent them were also discussed. The Dental Hygienists also extended knowledge about everyday habits that ruin our perfect smiles. The programme was indeed an eye-opener for the audience. Every act performed on stage drew thunderous applauses and praises from everyone present.

  Title : Tribute to the father of Nation

I am praying for the light that will dispel the darkness. Let those who have a living faith in non violence join me in the prayer-Mahatma Gandhi.


Showing our faith in the Gandhian principles of truth and non violence and imbibing the message of Charkha Chala Chala Kar Lenge, Swaraj Lenge. On the 69th anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Father of the Nation organized by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti at Gandhi Smriti, teachers and students of Modern Public School joined the Inter-Faith prayer meet on Monday Januray 30, 2017 to give a melodious lyrical tribute to Bapuji wherein our teachers and students interacted with the Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari, Incumbent minister of Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Former Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit, renowned Bhajan Singer Smt. Anuradha Paudwal and many more dignitaries. 

  Title : English Recitation Competition Class II


One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.


To enlight this thought and to sensitize the students about the cherishable beauty of nature, an English Recitation Competition was organised for the students of class II on the topic CARE FOR NATURE on January 30,2017(Monday).

The scholars amused the audience with their exquisite poems highlighting every aspect of nature and its selfless services. The learners made a strong attempt to create awareness among the audience about the profligate of nature.  Their thought provoking poems left an everlasting impact on one and all present.

  Title : We are Indians, firstly and lastly

We believe our nation stands on the verge of development solely due to the struggle and sacrifice of martyrs. To cherish the sentiment of patriotism, modernites celebrated Republic Day on January 25, 2017, representing their patriotic spirit. The event commenced with the unfurling of Indian National Flag, the Tricolour by the Honourable Madam Principal, Ms. Alka Kapur. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by patriotic medley which filled the atmosphere with the air of allegiance. The eloquent speech by Drishti Kumar, Class IX-B, made all reminiscent of martyrs of Indian freedom struggle. The show was culminated by the inspirational speech by Madam Principal, who in her address, persuaded the students to adopt the virtue of goodness so that our nation becomes synonymous of decency. It was indeed a heart touching and inspiring sight for all the spectators.

  Title : The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow

To wider the horizon of the students of Class III on Science Education and Technology, a Simple Circuit Making Activity was organized on 17 January 2017. The learners had a whale of time while making a Simple Circuit Diagram by using copper wires, LED light, batteries and a cardboard. This activity helped the scholars to develop their scientific temperament. It was indeed an out of the box exposure for our budding scientists. 

  Title : Sufi war set the stage on Fire

The Modern Qawwals presented the Qawwali repertoire on 14 December 2016 and led every Modernite traverse into the world of Sufis. This Inter-house fight of Musical souls was witnessed by Madam Principal, Ms. Alka Kapur, Director Academics, Ms. Geeta Sehgal and eminent dignitaries of the school.

The students of  Tagore House with their mellifluous performance on Bhar de jholi  stole the show. Even the students of Subhash House tried to steal the hearts of the audience with the strong energizer Damadam mast Kalander. The symphonic music of  Aaya tere dar per  by the performers of Nehru House made everyone connect to the supreme soul. Also, the students of Gandhi house were second to none with their well pitched , sweet sounding rendition of Tu maane ya na mane

The inspiring religious divinity reached to its zenith when the students made the best possible efforts to make their Respective Houses earn victory with their awe-inspiring performances.

The whole event witnessed terrific yet soul reaching Qawwalis complemented with the thunderous round of applause by the audience to cheer their respective houses. Madam Principal applauded the efforts of the students and the staff members to make it a huge success. She also underlined that the only aim to arrange this Interhouse Qawwali Competitiion was to make the students realize the musical heritage that the society possesses  and it?s the moral and ethical duty of every individual to ensure that this cultural heritage must be preserved for the generations yet to come.

In toto, this musical extravaganza reflected love, devotion and longing of  a being for the Divine  that made everyone transport to a state where they forgot materialism and was able to connect to the supreme Almighty.

  Title : Exclusive Assembly on Demonetization

A special assembly on the theme Demonetization of Indian Currency was organised for the students on December 9, 2016. The students were apprised with the need of this initiative taken by the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, through informative videos and presentations. The students were not only encouraged to become responsible tax paying citizens but also to spend and save judiciously. It was an enriching session as the students were enlightened on the virtuous impacts of Demonetization for the nation.

  Title : Debate is never an argument, it comprises plenty of logic

An English Debate Competition was organized on December 9, 2016 on the topic Extended Family Develops the Personality of Children for the students of class VII. The contestants participated with zeal and enthusiasm and quoted several research papers and real life instances to prove the authenticity of their respective ideas. The worth of family as well as the need to idealize extended families for the welfare of children was explicated through their speeches. The event proved to be successful as it not only helped in the exchange of informative ideas but also enlightened the spectators on the notion of extended and nuclear families in India.

  Title : Reading-food for Soul

A library is the delivery room for the birthplace of ideas, a place where history comes to life.

Modern Public School has a magnificent library which has an assortment of illuminating books for children. To update the students about the code of conduct  to which they need to adhere to,  A presentation was given by Ms. Akanksha Nanda ( English Faculty) on 6.12.2016.

Emphasis was laid on the decorum that needs to be followed in the library and a small video was shown on library etiquette, followed by a brief and crisp explanation of the same.

  Title : Pollution- If You Dont Kill It , It Will Kill You

Modernites acknowledge the fact that pollution has become a global menace which is threatening lives around the world. We care for our beautiful planet and believe in alleviating its ailments. Treading on the same path, a special assembly was conducted on the occasion of World Pollution Prevention Day on December 2, 2016 to sensitize the current generation about the ailments of the planet Earth. The students were acquainted with the troubles caused by human activities that make pollution rapidly grow its clutches. Their sense of vision was stimulated through illustrative videos which helped them to introspect themselves and realize their faults in adding to the problems of the environment. It was an enlightening morning session as the students learnt to curb with the hazards of pollution.


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