MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018

Sports Achievement

1. Football 2. Handball
3. Table-Tennis 4. Judo & Karate
5. Aerobics 6. Volleyball
7. Cricket 8. Kho-Kho
9. Yoga 10. Basketball
11. Badminton 12. Skating
13. Taekwando 14. Athletics


The Educative Value Of Games And Sports.
1. Providing opportunities for leadership 2. Profitable use of leisure time
3. Preparing for life´s solution 4. Promoting good health
5. Teaching co-operation  


While it is important to win It is imperative to compete

MPS strongly believes that sports activities instill discipline & camaraderie´s values.The school follows a carefully planned system of physical culture compressing major and minor games viz Badminton,Table tennis,judo,karate, kho-kho ,basket ball ,hand ball,volley ball,football,chess,carom& Athletics.

The school provides facilities for learning games and sports to students by professional coaches as games fit into the school curriculum without elbowing out the academics. The brilliance of our school in sports is a proof of the school´s efforts to lay more emphasis on the importance of fitness and performance regime to attain excellence at the intraschool, interschool, zonal, State and National levels.