MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018


Title : An Interactive session with Dr. Usha Ram

An interactive session on Emerging challenges in Education in the 21st century was organised for the teachers by the school on 29th June 2018. The resource person Dr. Usha Ram, a recipient of Doctorate in English Literature, emphasised that education is the only means of empowering people. She apprised the teachers with the new millennium challenges ushered in by a dramatic technology revolution. She reiterated the fact that the role of teachers is to be responsive to the socio cultural ethos and national development. The workshop focussed on the global classroom and the need to be literate in 21st century literacies including cyber literacies. Different activities were held focussing on the coordination of head, heart and hand for the holistic development. Dr. Usha explained how important it is to learn, unlearn and relearn through different kinds of learning viz a viz experiential learning and collaborative and Enquiry Learning. Presentations by the teachers on different themes stamped the fact that education cannot be restricted in water tight compartments, it?s an integrated approach that serves the true purpose of education.