MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018


Title : Workshop

Observe, do not just see things around you

In order to improve the interpersonal skills of the students and to motivate them to overcome their stage fear. The school organized a session on the importance of group discussions and how to present oneself in interviews.

The Spokesperson, Dr. Anoop began the session by highlighting the fact that your marks dont define you and that improving ones personality is more important. He urged the students to sharpen their observation skills and to look carefully around them. He then went on to throw light on how to present oneself in an interview, to discuss approved facts and to not to go with intuitive thoughts. He then conducted many informal games to make the session more interesting. He urged the students to use social media effectively and to participate actively in online group discussions. An informal group discussion was also conducted.

He concluded the session with a thoughtful quote. The audience left the session highly motivated and inspired to implement the suggestions that were given during the session.