MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018


Title : Green School Teacher Orientation Workshop

Dhawani Vij and Kavya Arora of class VIII D along with  Ms. Namrata Jit Kaur  attended  The Green  School Programme?s first  Teacher orientation workshop  on 2nd August 2018   at  Centre  for Science  and  Environment. Firstly, the session was introduced by Ms. Ranjita Menon from  GSP Team followed by school presentations. Both the  students of  our school confidently showcased  their presentation skills by  presenting the  last year  audit  data in front  of  CSE  committee members. The most interactive session was on PM 2.5 Exposure monitoring session given by Ms. Tanushree Ganguly where students participated actively.

The agenda of the workshop was to discuss the challenges faced by our school to become a green school.  They advised few steps to be taken by school in the waste and water category. The MPS GSP team also took around of CSE to explore their setup for rainwater harvesting and waste water treatment.  The whole session was quite interactive and engaging.  It was indeed an enriched experience for students and  teacher.