MPS Featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition THE GREAT INDIAN SCHOOLS - 2018


Title : Workshop on Indian Navy

Patriotism is not about sacrificing our life for the nation, 

It?s also about having a feeling of belongingness,

 loyalty and pride in the nation.

To inculcate endearment for our motherland, our school accorded a warm welcome to commandants of Indian Navy Cdr. Rameshwar Puri , LT Cdr. A K Yadav and Lt. Sneha on 26 September, 2018 .The workshop aimed at day-to-day functioning of the Indian Navy & its role in protecting the maritime coasts. The Naval officers shared their tales of valour and motivated the students of classes X, XI and XII to join Indian Navy. The heroic deeds undertaken by the Indian navy filled the audience with supreme amour-propre. The raison d?etre of navy is to ensure that no hostile maritime power can degrade the national security and interests.

It was an awe inspiring session that indeed motivated students to join defence forces and be valorous.